1. A survey conducted by Honda Motorcycle in 2014 showed that 42% of Honda motor buyers are women.
  2. According to Google, 41.8% Google search on car purchase in Indonesia were done by women.
  3. Currently Indonesia is in the list of top 5 countries with the worst road safety, and as a country with the highest number of road accidents in the world. (source : WHO 2014)
  4. Road accident significant increase that involves women riders, up to 49,5% only in 2 years. (Source: Indonesia National Traffic Management Centre)
  5. Road accident comparison women and men 5:2 (Source: Indonesia National Traffic Management Centre)
  6. Getting driver’s license in Indonesia has been too easy due to its corrupt system. Many drivers got away with minimum sets of driving skills. Adding to this fact, women drivers generally  known to have less driving skills compare to male drivers.
  7. Transportation and Automotive, both are masculine industry. There is no current organization or institution that specializes in socializing the importance of riding safety towards women, whereas efficient communication needs a good understanding of female insights.